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Moe Bishara

We have bought and sold several homes in California, other states and internationally. We always spend a lot of time researching excellent real estate agents and we had our share of some of the best over the years.

Having said that, we have never had anyone like Jim. His straightforwardness, integrity, honesty, knowledge of the LA market and winning personality set him far above everyone else. Jim’s attention to every detail relating to the selling process, his availability, calm demeanor and hard work made, a usually nerve racking process, a pleasant experience.

One other trait that I super appreciated about Jim is his respect and fairness to all parties. Not just to the selling party who hired him but to the buyers and their agents. I believe everyone in that process felt like a winner, the hallmark of a great deal and a superb agent.
We unequivocally recommend Jim for any and everything that has to do with buying or selling homes.
Did I mention that our house was on the market for only one week?!